Firm Guarantee

Accurate Tax proffers a special Double Guarantee for the Tax Preparation executed at our firm. The following paragraph gives a brief overview about this guarantee

1. Account of Guarantee (Only applicable if the terms and conditions are properly followed)

1.1 Legally Lowest Tax: With respect to the details provided to us by the client; if any CPA reduces taxes that we formulated by altering tax treatment of any product, article, cost, or payment by the client in any of our federal/state returns, we guarantee that we will pay back 150% of the rate charged for such a return brought off by us.

1.2 No Implementation of Penalty or Interest: In case the IRS imposes any penalty or interest due to any mistake for example neglecting the rules which might result in an unlawful blunder in claiming any deduction in your return, made by our staff, we guarantee that we will be accountable for it and get the penalty or interest receded. If we failed to do so, we will pay the penalty or interest for up to the amount of $5,000.00.

2. Terms & Conditions:

i. The Guarantee is subject to following terms;

The results are based on the details that our client presents. These details are collected and recorded during in-person meetings and from the clients’ written tax planner. Whether our staff or the client fills the details, this condition applies in both cases. It doesn’t matter if client/tax planner has signed the form or not as said form is mostly obtained by mail, e-mail, file transfer, or fax rather than manually. The data that is received by us through phone must be filled out by our staff. Now and then, many clients missed their signatures accidentally. These conditions are also applicable on the photocopies of the documents of the client.

ii. The Guarantee does not apply in following cases;

a) The client has been warned about the conflicting matter beforehand and has been acknowledged in advance about the odds of disallowance of particular item.
b) The client has decided to claim certain item despite our warning.
c) In case any penalty or interest is the consequence wrong, fake or unjustified information and facts submitted by the client. Each detail and fact you gave is dispensed in such a way as to enhance your tax savings. There is no such condition involved in this Guarantee that we will investigate your finances.
d) In case client claims and make deductions without enough documentation or proof to show the IRS.