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What Is a Payroll Tax?

A payroll tax is referred to the tax paid on the wages and salaries of employees to empower social insurance programs like Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance.

Payroll taxes contain 23.05 percent of combined federal, state, and local government revenue which contribute to be the second largest source of that combined tax revenue.

How does payroll tax work?

Payroll tax is collected from an employee’s earnings. Employers re required to send the withheld taxes along with their portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes at the time of depositing taxes.

Being an individual tax filer, you don’t have to manually pay in payroll tax from each paycheck instead let your employer take care of this.

Our Payroll Tax Service

Accurate Tax Firm is one of leading corporations which gives Payroll Tax Service in Dallas. We consider it as our responsibility to give the rightfully deserved payroll for all the employees of our clients. Therefore, we ensure fulfillment of all the rules, laws and guidelines set by local, state and federal tax agencies to the letter.

Our Extensive, Dedicated and Time Saving Online Payroll Taxes are at your disposal too!

We get our job done without contacting any third-party agent or taxation. We have credible solutions to your every problem to make payroll tax management very profitable.

No matter what type of business you own we can handle Payroll Tax Services for all of them at affordable rates. In addition, we can also file new hiring, unemployment, and withholding returns.

Contact us now to avail our diverse and dedicated services to manage your Accounting, Payroll, Taxes, Audits etc.

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