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What are Federal Tax Audits?

Federal Tax Audits are a scrutiny of your information and accounts to ensure you’re reporting and making your dealings according to the tax laws.

The term ‘Federal Tax Audit’ might instill fear among many business owners and due to uncertainty or lack of knowledge they might not be able to figure out how to handle the examination.

But remember that every problem has a solution. There are various types of audits. Firstly, you need to figure out which type of audit you have encountered. Once you are familiar with the type it will be easier for you to determine the effort required to deal with it.
  • Correspondence Audit
This is the most minor form of audit as it is generally conducted using letters and phone calls to work with the representative of the organization. The letter usually contains just a request for further information regarding your taxes.

However, it is crucial to immediately respond to whatever mail audit materials you receive or if it is in the suggestion, you must pay the relevant amount as soon as possible to avoid problems down the line

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If you observe any misinterpretation, you may put a statement in your defense in front of IRS. You can hire a professional Federal Tax Audit expert provided by Accurate Tax Firm to have better insight and to handle your situation efficiently.

Audit via Letter

The IRS sends a letter, clearly listing your full name, taxpayer/SS ID number, form number, IRS employee ID number, and IRS contact information. The letter asks for particular documents which support your position on the taxes. In some cases, the IRS just wants to witness some receipts for a charitable donation or a credit card receipt.

To resolve the issue, all you have to is to respond to the letter with the required documents attached. However, not having the demanded proof might be a trouble for you.

To ensure safe reputation of your business, Accurate Tax Firm is here to handle any such disputes by providing the excellent Federal Tax Audit Services.
  • Office Audit
The IRS conducts an examination of a taxpayer’s records from its offices, and not at the taxpayer’s residence, to ensure compliance with tax laws.

The examination involves interviewing the taxpayer for clarification or proof of certain claims. In order to pass the examination smoothly, it is essential to give a satisfying answer to each question raised by the IRS. Any negligence can make your interview complex.

Accurate Tax Firm helps you prepare for the audit and overcome your inabilities to avoid any harm to your business.
  • Field Audit
The IRS conducts overall inspection of your business records at your residence or office. This is the most comprehensive type of IRS audit and any detail can be demanded by the IRS officials regarding your business, so you need to extremely cautious.

Therefore, Accurate Tax Firm with wide experience in this department is there to help you by offering their services of professional Federal Tax Audit Services.

Line-By-Line or Targeted Audits

This is the most severe but also very rare form of audit. As the name suggests the IRS examines your tax return line-by-line. If something doesn’t sum up correctly or something unusual is observed in the record, the examiner will ask you to explain or justify the unusual item.

It only occurs at the behest of National Research Program (NRP).

The IRS records and saves all the inspection for future purposes. You need to be extremely careful throughout the process and Accurate Tax Firm makes it possible through their services.

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