Why Reverse Income Tax Audit is important?

A Reverse Income Tax Audit sometimes known as ‘Reverse Audit’ is the process of understanding your business operations from top to bottom and assessing your recent state income tax returns. It is almost similar to a Taxing Jurisdiction’s Audit.

As states modify and rebuild tax codes to collect more revenue, many business owners unintentionally overlook tax-savings opportunities. Conducting Reverse Income Tax Audit could uncover offsets, reduce tax evaluations, and provide the possibility of significant refunds in future.

A Reverse Income Tax Audit specifically assesses tax underpayments, which Internal Audits often fail to recognize as this type of audit focuses on corporate policies, operations and budget of a company.

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Many business owners with small setup lack enough resources to establish an in-house tax department and fail to examine all transactions. It is advisable for such companies to outsource their tax services to Professional Tax Specialists and maximize their profit.

Reinforce Your Tax Position & Recover Your Overpaid State Income Taxes

What are the common examples of errors that arise in taxing?

  • Delay in taking available credits or withdrawals.
  • Incorrect tax rate or distribution factor calculation based on specific requirements of the
  • Tax returns filed without central needs.

How do we help? A step-by-step guide!

  • Gaining an insight of the manufacturing process and your objectives
  • Discussion with key employees to get familiar with their working zone
  • Assessing accounts payable records, invoices, and use tax augmentations
  • Introducing recognized exemption areas and proposing next steps
  • Organizing required documentation for compliance of refund claim
  • Training clients to encourage savings

What are the key benefits of a reverse audit?

  • Immediate positive impact on incoming cash and elevated standards of savings as incremental profit
  • Beneficial impact on the annuity eventually
  • Potential to gain a competitive image in marketplace advantage and boost customer experience
  • Identification of RPA use cases and make cash flow available to fund technology initiatives
  • Reconsideration application for potential cash refund claims

What we provide?

Accurate Tax Firm is one most revered and compliant tax and accounting firms with the Best Reverse Income Tax Audit Services in Dallas in store for you. Therefore, contacting us for services will minimize your tax deficit and boost your income.

In our expertise, audits that emphasis on state income tax recovery are very beneficial to specific companies. Especially the companies with any of the following;

  • Large state income or franchise tax liabilities
  • Recent participation in a disposition, merger or other transaction
  • Recent changes in business model or locations
  • Frequent changes in tax personnel or leadership turnover
  • Current or recent state income tax audit


State’s task is only identifying underpayments during an audit. Notifying you for overpayment is not the requisite. By conducting a Reverse Income Tax Audit, companies may be able to reclaim overpaid tax. The resulting refunds might even be able to help offset any liabilities assessed by the state. Our Reverse Income Tax Audit Services are economical, efficient and orderly, requiring minimal time. Access these wonderful services to increase the efficient and profit pool of your company.

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